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Annie, is a godsend. I've had the honor of knowing her and seeking her counsel years. She has a gift and an ability to see into your soul -- to tell you exactly what you need to hear at the time when you need it most. The best part about her is, she brings out the best in you. She's the guide to lead you to the a higher path, but ultimately you do the work. Her light gives me strength and hope. The clarity she provides is priceless and puts my mind and heart at ease. She is true magic. Annie helps me find peace with her energy and words and I look forward to each time we speak. Thank you for always sharing your gift with me, as it's a blessing each and every time. - NL  


Annie is a true force of nature. She's a calming, kind spirit with a huge heart and so much wisdom it radiates from her. I've never met someone like her and I'm so grateful for the time we've spent together. I've learned so much about myself from her and life and can't thank her enough for that. The crystals I've purchase have brought me such peace and comfort and joy, I take them on all of my spiritual adventures in nature and I know they're special coming from such a divine lady. Throw your money at her, you'll be glad you did ;) - Katrina F.


Amazing crystals & energies! Thank you so much! I will definitely be browsing your shop to purchase again! ✨ - Jackie 


In your life, you'll be so fortunate to come across someone like Annie.  Upon our first meeting years ago, she was able to put my mind at ease and help me navigate some really challenging times in my life with no explanation needed, she just knew.  Every conversation was filled with deep empathy, understanding, and compassion. I would not be the same person who I am today without her.  She is my spiritual advisor, friend, and sister. Thank you for walking through this lifetime with me! - Pam K.


Crystals are so rare and beautiful. Healing session brought so much clarity. Thank you!! - T.G.


I’m beyond grateful and thankful that I started my healing journey with you! You have given me a safe space to be vulnerable with myself. I was able to find a peaceful path with your guidance. I came across to what you have guided me through in our sessions and I have been able to approach the situation with a peaceful contact heart. You believed that I could when I didn’t. You’ve been a huge part of my light at the end of the tunnel and I’m so blessed to have such an amazing healer by my side. I love you Annie.. I’ll forever be thankful that you share your gift with us. You’re truly an amazing soul. I always look forward to our sessions. You help me to get connected to my spiritual self when in doubt of my journey and self. Thank you for your love and light. I’m truly blessed that you're a huge part of my journey! - DA


Wow! I believe anyone that has met Annie is blown away by her gift, kindness, compassion, and light. When I did my energy reading + healing Annie created such a safe space to release, heal, and be vulnerable. My experience was so serene and beautiful. Her gift and knowledge is so spot on with things and her ability to give clarity to things in life that I felt uncertain about. Thank you for such an amazing experience! - Adriana S.


I have gone through periods of deep loss and grief in my life for the past several years. The one person I feared losing the most was my grandma..and she passed way before covid. From that moment, I wondered how I'll ever be able to reach my grams again..in a way that was meaningful, special and with clarity.  I knew of Annie through acquaintances but never personally and somehow certain events occurred for us to connect. At the time, I had lost hope and worked on my hobby as a way of self-therapy. Annie had just shared her truth and gift to the world as well. I didn't think anything of it, but was happy to be colleagues and share our happiness for helping others. Many late night conversations and deep discussions later..prepared me for what I did not realize would be a healing session with Annie almost a year later. It was divine timing as I was not ready until I worked on myself and acceptance. Annie brought me the most healing and closure I've ever felt in my life and insight beyond what I imagined. She's changed my life and continues to help me with my human self and also my Soul. Annie goes much deeper than just connecting with your loved ones (for me..my grandma)...it's discovering who you truly are which is your energy. She embraces you, helps you envision things you may not have realized before and can unlock the deeper levels of your own Soul. Thank you for being you Annie, you are a gift and inspiration for this collective. I'm so grateful for you! 💜 - Kat B.