Hello Beautiful Souls!

We hold the power to create our own realities. It is my purpose to share my light. To help you step into your light, reconnect with your higher-self, and find your peace.


I'm Annie and I am the owner and founder of ātman healing LLC and ātman apothecary. I am an Intuitive Energy Healer and Reiki Practitioner. Through meditation and my gift of Clair Senses, I’m able to energetically connect to people and places. I see, feel, and receive information from a Divine/Higher Source while I meditate. In sessions, I channel messages and connect to my client’s energy, to give them more clarity and peace. My clients receive Reiki energy while I meditate, as well as in Session — this allows them to also release any stagnant energies that their bodies are holding on to.

Along with running my own business, I am also a wife to an amazing husband and a mother of two beautiful girls and they also help me with my business. I am excited to announce that the healing space is NOW OPEN located in Redondo Beach, Ca! 

ātman healing came to fruition because of a message I received from my guides, to share my gifts and light with people. It was a process of believing in myself and not being afraid to step into my power and trusting the process. Each client that I have connected with and all experiences have given me confirmation of the message I received, and I feel truly aligned with my true purpose.

My mission is to help people reconnect with their true self, find inner peace, and be the creator of their own reality. My work also includes holding space for those who have crossed over, clearing and transmuting energies. I guide my clients to work on being present which includes trying out different spiritual modalities such as mindfulness meditation, breath-work, affirmation journals, and holding space for my clients to be present, reconnect and work on trusting their own intuition.

As an energy healer, I also work with crystals and their healing properties. I intuitively select crystals for my shop and work with customers in curating custom healing sets as well as sourcing pieces for clients home and work spaces. With my love and background in herbalism, I also make my own apothecary items such as coconut soy wax candles, herbal blends, organic intention oils, and sprays. All my products are created with quality ingredients, the highest intentions, and with love and light. You can check out our products page for all apothecary items.

I always knew I wanted to help people and at a very young age, I was always attuned and sensitive to others’ feelings and emotions and became aware of my gift. It began with my connection to those that have crossed over. You can imagine how hard it was for an 8-year-old to comprehend the experiences of seeing/hearing and knowing something that was impossible to prove. Growing up there’s moments I questioned my abilities trying to make sense of it, but no matter what, I always felt my experiences and gifts made sense to me and my soul just knew it was real. As I got older, I learned this gift is special to me and will always be a part of me. There’s just things in life that can only be felt and understood with the soul.

I learned to accept, trust, and surrender to the unknown. As I continue to use my abilities through the years to help people, I always felt deeply aligned with my soul’s purpose. It took a lot of learning, healing, and growth to truly understand my gifts. Through my human experiences, I see its true worth and embrace it fully. My gifts including Mediumship is sacred to me and I’m grateful to be able to use these abilities to help others. In full transparency, there are times I am unable to connect with some spirits due to karmic reasons, but I always hold space for loved ones that have crossed over. I do not offer solely mediumship because not every spirit is able to connect, and this is due to karmic reasons and I have learned that many people are unaware of karmic law. I truly feel it is an honor to use my gift in helping people reconnect with their loved ones, if the divine source and karma permits, to help people have a more in-depth understanding of mediumship, law of karma and energy healing. This journey has taught me about the law of karma, past life experiences and life’s true purpose more than anything. I am grateful to be able to help others process their own healing, find their peace, reconnect with their inner-self, and learn to embrace their journey. I look forward to connecting with you and help you find your peace and step into your light. ♡ - Annie